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Hot News Makers
TT-Total "Hot News Makers"

These rating figures are calculated using a statistics algorithm that takes the number of articles about all TT-Total listed companies/banks and persons over the past 30 days and during the last 24 hours as an input. The numbers are calculated to find companies/banks and persons that have been making a news splash in the last 24 hours (i.e. they have more articles about them than normal). Put simply, the more unusual the stats, the higher the score.

 ValuEngine 64986.28
 BidaskClub 32066.27
 NN Investment Partners 29563.22
 Royal Jordanian 24424.24
 ADS Group 12036.95
 Palabora Mining 9538.12
 Gunvor 9116.97
 Gofen & Glossberg 7983.57
 Kitty Hawk 7215.46
 Guggenheim Capital 6283.63
 Grabar-Kitarovic, Kolinda 53730.02
 Putin, Vladimir 28666.19
 Marr, Andrew 22259.49
 Coats, Dan 17120.54
 Infantino, Gianni 17080.88
 Clinton, Hillary 9707.38
 Beckenbauer, Franz 8943.48
 Maas, Heiko 7220.87
 Mueller, Robert 6102.45
 May, Theresa 5596.50
Last updated at 0:40 GMT

Emerging & Emerged Markets
Russia (1492)
C&E Europe
Belarus (98), Czech Republic (48), Estonia (32), Hungary (32), Latvia (37), Lithuania (30), Poland (94), Slovakia (24), Ukraine (360)
Armenia (42), Azerbaijan (90), Georgia (40)
Central Asia
Kazakhstan (121), Kyrgyzstan (29), Tajikistan (19), Turkmenistan (23), Uzbekistan (41)
East Asia
China (886), Mongolia (52), South Korea (89)
Middle East
Bahrain (1), Iran (27), Iraq (7), Israel (146), Jordan (10), Kuwait (3), Lebanon (12), Oman (1), Qatar (7), Saudi Arabia (8), Syria (5), Turkey (156), United Arab Emirates (1), Yemen
North Africa
Algeria (7), Egypt (49), Libya (15), Morocco (11), Tunisia (11)
SE Europe
Albania (19), Bosnia & Herzegovina (21), Bulgaria (78), Croatia (30), Cyprus (18), Greece (57), Kosovo, Macedonia (25), Moldova (19), Montenegro (13), Romania (74), Serbia (46), Slovenia (34)
South Asia
Afghanistan, India (224), Pakistan (9)

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Likewise, if a company is involved within the energy industry, it might have oil and gas interests in Russia, but also renewable energy interests in Germany, Scandinavia and Canada. It wants to be able to access intelligence on a number of sectors in various geographical regions, in both emerging and emerged markets.

Both companies might wish to track news on companies operating in the same field or in the same country. They might also wish to have the opportunity to ask for new companies to be tracked, or new fields of interest to be added.

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