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  2. 2.Russia Courting Philippines, Cambodia to Combat Drug Trafficking and Terrorism
  3. 3.Lindsey Graham Says 2017 Is All About Hitting Back at Russia
  4. 4.The Gorgeous Stewardesses of Russia's Aeroflot
  5. 5.Ilham Aliev: Azerbaijan is respected all around the world
  6. 6.Report: U.K. Officials See Russia Behind October Montenegro Plot
  7. Last updated at 23:09 GMT

Sectors & Industries
Aerospace & Defence (250)
Agribusiness (217)
Chemicals (216)
Consumer Retail (244)
Crime & Terrorism (10)
Diversified Industrials (612)
Automotive (154)
Engineering & Construction (242)
Industrial Groups (211)
Economics (3)
Energy (1550)
Downstream (16)
Nuclear Energy (63)
Oil & Gas (1024)
Pipeline Operators (27)
Pipeline Projects (37)
Power & Utilities (264)
Renewable Energy (92)
Financials (1176)
Banking & Private Equity (1032)
Capital Markets (54)
Insurance (79)
Fixed Income
Forestry, Pulp & Paper (28)
Healthcare & Pharma (268)
Intelligence & Security (42)
Legal & Legislation (91)
Media & ICT (2025)
Media (387)
Technology (1194)
Telecoms (439)
Mergers & Acquisitions (1)
Mining & Metals (1788)
Coal Mining & Production (160)
Ferrous Metals (201)
Metallurgical Groups (38)
Non-Ferrous Metals (246)
Precious Metals & Diamonds (1038)
Multinationals (1412)
Patents & Intellectual Property (41)
Politics (4)
Real Estate (100)
Tourism & Hotels (19)
Transport (601)
Airlines & Airports (210)
Ports & Shipping (200)
Railways (134)

Hot News Makers
TT-Total "Hot News Makers"

These rating figures are calculated using a statistics algorithm that takes the number of articles about all TT-Total listed companies/banks and persons over the past 30 days and during the last 24 hours as an input. The numbers are calculated to find companies/banks and persons that have been making a news splash in the last 24 hours (i.e. they have more articles about them than normal). Put simply, the more unusual the stats, the higher the score.

 Kraft Heinz 32438.16
 SpaceX 13612.18
 Unilever 12659.41
 International Space Station 10545.19
 RAO UES 5035.42
 Teldafax 3608.36
 Petroecuador 3524.57
 Zoomdata 3170.00
 ADNOC 2014.37
 Donetskoblenergo 1702.57
 Djukanovic, Milo 22441.34
 Bildt, Carl 20617.59
 Melnichenko, Andrei 16636.29
 Pence, Mike 12329.89
 Jong-nam, Kim 6391.01
 Larijani, Ali 5901.61
 Correa, Rafael 5065.24
 Ayrault, Jean-Marc 4021.89
 Lavrov, Sergei 3391.28
 Regling, Klaus 3161.30
Last updated at 23:02 GMT

Emerging Markets
Russia (1383)
C&E Europe
Belarus (94), Czech Republic (43), Estonia (29), Hungary (30), Latvia (36), Lithuania (28), Poland (90), Slovakia (24), Ukraine (337)
Armenia (41), Azerbaijan (85), Georgia (37)
Central Asia
Kazakhstan (113), Kyrgyzstan (29), Tajikistan (18), Turkmenistan (23), Uzbekistan (37)
East Asia
China (538), Mongolia (49), South Korea (55)
Middle East
Iran (24), Iraq (6), Israel (69), Jordan (7), Lebanon (11), Syria (5), Turkey (149)
North Africa
Algeria (7), Egypt (44), Libya (15), Morocco (9), Tunisia (10)
SE Europe
Albania (18), Bosnia & Herzegovina (20), Bulgaria (77), Croatia (28), Cyprus (14), Greece (53), Kosovo, Macedonia (25), Moldova (19), Montenegro (13), Romania (70), Serbia (43), Slovenia (33)
South Asia
Afghanistan, India (149), Pakistan (8)
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