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  1. 1.Namibia Rare Earths Inc. Increases Private Placement to Cdn$4,000,000
  2. 2.Quantum Cobalt Corp. Initiates 2 Phase 2018 Work Program for Cobalt Portfolio
  3. 3.Investment and Returns is a Science – Can You Afford Not to Participate?
  4. 4.The Pilbara is ‘the greatest lithium province in the world' says junior explorer boss
  5. 5.Anfield Energy Acquires Extensive Database of Western US Mining Properties
  6. 6.Latin America the leading region in new global wave of exploration
  7. Last updated at 2:46 GMT

Sectors & Industries
Aerospace & Defence (276)
Agribusiness (254)
Chemicals (307)
Consumer Retail (270)
Crime & Terrorism (11)
Diversified Industrials (796)
Automotive (237)
Engineering & Construction (306)
Industrial Groups (247)
Economics (3)
Energy (2234)
Downstream (16)
Nuclear Energy (76)
Oil & Gas (1171)
Pipeline Operators (29)
Pipeline Projects (38)
Power & Utilities (336)
Renewable Energy (507)
Financials (1421)
Banking & Private Equity (1241)
Capital Markets (74)
Insurance (95)
Fixed Income
Forestry, Pulp & Paper (34)
Healthcare & Pharma (1616)
Intelligence & Security (55)
Legal & Legislation (125)
Media & ICT (2501)
Media (446)
Technology (1588)
Telecoms (462)
Mergers & Acquisitions (1)
Mining & Metals (2803)
Coal Mining & Production (220)
Ferrous Metals (267)
Metallurgical Groups (39)
Non-Ferrous Metals (394)
Precious Metals & Diamonds (1703)
Multinationals (1502)
Patents & Intellectual Property (48)
Politics (20)
Real Estate (112)
Tourism & Hotels (21)
Transport (685)
Airlines & Airports (231)
Ports & Shipping (244)
Railways (141)

Hot News Makers
TT-Total "Hot News Makers"

These rating figures are calculated using a statistics algorithm that takes the number of articles about all TT-Total listed companies/banks and persons over the past 30 days and during the last 24 hours as an input. The numbers are calculated to find companies/banks and persons that have been making a news splash in the last 24 hours (i.e. they have more articles about them than normal). Put simply, the more unusual the stats, the higher the score.

 OPEC 100890.14
 TSMC 88644.62
 Bank of England 43881.25
 International Monetary Fund (IMF) 42821.77
 General Electric 41921.56
 ZTE 40914.61
 WikiLeaks 40321.70
 World Bank 27217.19
 Ericsson 24515.91
 Allergan 23114.04
 Carney, Mark 105051.93
 Comey, James 61652.78
 Lavrov, Sergei 55597.58
 Sargsyan, Serzh 31816.19
 Trump, Donald 22641.80
 Siluanov, Anton 22528.44
 Kasperskiy, Evgeniy 21784.25
 al-Falih, Khalid 21165.24
 Jong-un, Kim 21095.32
 Clinton, Hillary 20097.67
Last updated at 2:34 GMT

Emerging & Emerged Markets
Russia (1489)
C&E Europe
Belarus (97), Czech Republic (47), Estonia (31), Hungary (32), Latvia (37), Lithuania (28), Poland (92), Slovakia (24), Ukraine (360)
Armenia (42), Azerbaijan (90), Georgia (40)
Central Asia
Kazakhstan (119), Kyrgyzstan (29), Tajikistan (19), Turkmenistan (23), Uzbekistan (41)
East Asia
China (832), Mongolia (51), South Korea (78)
Middle East
Bahrain (1), Iran (27), Iraq (7), Israel (137), Jordan (8), Kuwait (3), Lebanon (12), Oman (1), Qatar (7), Saudi Arabia (8), Syria (5), Turkey (155), United Arab Emirates (1), Yemen
North Africa
Algeria (7), Egypt (48), Libya (15), Morocco (11), Tunisia (11)
SE Europe
Albania (19), Bosnia & Herzegovina (21), Bulgaria (77), Croatia (30), Cyprus (18), Greece (57), Kosovo, Macedonia (25), Moldova (19), Montenegro (13), Romania (74), Serbia (46), Slovenia (34)
South Asia
Afghanistan, India (211), Pakistan (8)
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Templeton APUS is a Digital Media company that has developed a specialist news and intelligence platform covering all areas of business, finance and politics worldwide.

The Templeton APUS platform provides an essential information advantage to subscribers in markets across 47 sectors and industries. These sectors are as diverse as renewable energy to tech metals mining, healthcare to hi-tech, agribusiness to banking, and aerospace to chemicals.

Founded in 2015 with our headquarters in London, we have expanded our coverage to include Europe, North & South America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific.

Our unique service enables the corporate, financial and advisory communities to have unlimited access to the information they need, when they need it.

The service has been optimised for speed, quality, content and affordability. It is our goal to continue revolutionising our industry by providing intelligence that is superior, faster, and more entrepreneurial than anything seen previously.

Our Cancer STAT platform, designed for cancer patients, their families, doctors and the healthcare industry, represents our first move into Med-Tech. The service puts incisive and affordable cancer news and intelligence into the hands of cancer patients and their families, enabling patients to take a proactive role in deciding which treatment is best in their fight against cancer.

We are replicating the Cancer STAT business model to create new platforms to cover other critical diseases worldwide.

What we do

Templeton APUS is a provider of essential news and intelligence to subscribers from all sectors and industries worldwide.

Our unique service covers:

  • Real-time news and intelligence on 47 different Sectors & Industries globally
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Our service provides you with what you want, when you need it.

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Our service ensures that you can:

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Wherever you work and whatever your sphere of interest, our service can supply you with the specific news and intelligence that you require.

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