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In today's business environment, most companies do not want to have access to a news and intelligence platform that covers just one sector, just one market, or just one geographical region.

Instead, most companies want to have the freedom to be able to access news and intelligence on multiple sectors and industries all around the world.

For example, if a company is involved within the energy industry, it might have oil and gas interests in Russia, renewable energy interests in Germany and Scandinavia, and nuclear energy interests in Canada. It wants to be able to access news, intelligence and research covering a number of sectors in various geographical regions worldwide.

The company might wish to track daily news on companies operating in the same fields or in the same countries, whether they be JV partners, suppliers or competitors.

The company might wish to track daily news on persons of special interest who operate within the same sector, or who influence their industry.

They might also wish to have the opportunity to ask for new companies or persons of special interest to be tracked, or for specific fields of interest to be added.

With the Templeton Apus intelligence platform all of the above is possible.

Templeton Apus has tens of thousands of reputable sources, providing a well-balanced, independent and impartial viewpoint.

Our customers are able receive as much or as little as they wish, giving them the flexibility to achieve their exact, and specific, news and intelligence requirements.

Importantly, in addition to providing a superior and extensive global news and intelligence service, we are able to provide it at an accessible price.

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